About Me

Having spent the majority of my life living in the Haden Hill area of Cradley Heath, Haden Hounds seemed a natural choice of name for my business.  As a child, I would spend hours in the park with my mongrel, Tara, exploring and having fun.   So much for being adventurous though, I now live just a few doors away from the house I grew up in.

There has never been a time when dogs haven’t been a part of my life and I can’t imagine it any other way, my beautiful Akita, Frankie, was even a ‘bridesmaid’ at my wedding in Cornwall 10 years ago and our holidays are planned around places where we can take our Parsons Russell Terrier.  Following a sequence of life changing events, I decided it’s time to do what I really want so that brings us to this point, very happily running my own dog walking business.

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